About The San Diego Flight Corp.
San Diego Flight Corp. ("SDFC") is a member-owned corporation, established in 1936. The San Diego Flight Corp. is a non-profit corporation and is operated by and for the benefit of its members. The rules (detailed in the "Operations Rules" handbook of SDFC) are designed to both protect the members and the assets of SDFC and also to provide for fair and frequent utilization of its aircraft.  Shareholders enjoy all the benefits of aircraft ownership, while distributing the maintenance and operating costs among a larger group. SDFC caters to pilots who wish to fly aircraft that are a cut above the ubiquitous trainers found on most airfield ramps. Our aircraft are kept in hangars and are autopilot and GPS equipped.

Here are some salient points:

Hourly Rates (wet): We don't use HOBBS time, but rather Tach time

Tach Time Rates as of August 15, 2020 were under $200 per hour wet for each airplanes.  Because we use Tach time there is no charge for taxi and clearance time while the planes are not in the air.  This significantly reduces costs and frustration when things are moving slow on the ground.

Generally if you fly 30 hours or more a year San Diego Flight Corp. is less expensive than renting and significantly less expensive than owning.

Monthly Dues are $325 as of August 15, 2020.

As of August 15, 2020 supplement renters insurance to cover the insurance deductible is required (Approximately $315 for pilots under 65.  Pilots over 65 have additional insurance limitations and pilots over 70 are not covered under our current insurance policy).

To become an owner you must purchase a share in the corporation.  Ownership is not always available, but as of August 15, 2020 we did have limited shares available.  We limit share availability to keep the planes open to owners. 

Shares as of August 15, 2020 are $2,500.

Owning a share makes you a "Shareholder" of the corporation, and therefore limits your liability.

The monthly dues cover only the fixed costs of SDFC, such as insurance, hangars, loan interest, annuals, admin, taxes, etc.

The hourly rates cover aircraft operating costs, such as fuel, maintenance and engine amortization.

All members must be IFR rated and have a minimum of 350 hours total time.

Checkouts generally require approximately 10 hours flying time in each aircraft including at least 15 landings with a an approved CFI/CFII, unless previous experience in make and model can be verified, and then a checkout proving acceptable control over said aircraft.

A maximum of two bookings may be made at a time. When booking, weekend uses of aircraft by a member must be separated by 21 days. This does not include "day of" weekend. This rule prevents members from monopolizing the aircraft on weekends, but if it's Saturday and the aircraft is sitting in the hangar not being used, any qualified member may take it.

The Insurance requirements include sensible flying minima, and there are several club-approved CFI's to keep you proficient. SDFC also requires an annual flight review. 

Minimum time charged for any flight is hour.

Overnight periods require 1 hrs of minimum utilization.

Members wishing to fly into Mexico require a one-time Mexico check-ride, and sharing the cost in the special Mexican Insurance.

The aircraft are kept at Montgomery Field (KMYF). 

We use ScheduleMaster reservation system for aircraft booking.

If your interested in seeing these aircraft at KMYF contact us by clicking here.